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In stone market: the clever combination of terrazzo and art

waterproof brick machine in terrazzo marketing, enterprises can be terrazzo  and art, science, and even the combination of tourism, culture and other fields.I object to display the block or slate, because the architect or builder is more focused on the stone's purpose. stone in the world conference, researchers from Germany PeterBecker talk about how to develop Chinese   terrazzo  stone market, he said, as the stone enterprises in China and foreign stone material enterprises, China cannot be ignored.These enterprises should use a variety of ways, to the Chinese consumers the opportunity to meet and know more about natural stone material, so they are building a house or to decorate your home, will be the first to think of stone.

in southern France has a very good marketing strategy: in a painter to create his famous work place a stone field, now the once forgotten places, has opened a let people can understand the painter and his works.Tourism initiative for the stone is a very good chance, can get some items to display their  stone enterprises and products, for example.The concept of the marketing strategy is: combine terrazzo stone and art and artists. to make the combination of art market strategies become more effective, should be able to attract a large number of audience's activities, such as sculpture symposium.Stone company can provide the original stone for artists.Even the stone tools, also can get promotion opportunity.Workshops, however, is just one of the most simple method of marketing.Can bring better effect is held activities, show people the new use of stone  PeterBecker said.

PeterBecker continue to introduce a few kinds of low-cost marketing: Spanish artist let all the audience barefoot through the wet marble ground, the audience were excited for this unusual experience;In the gobi desert anAustralian artist drew a very long wall, crossed the mountains and valleys, make marketing combined with quarry stone;In Italy, an artist on the waste rock painting, make them look like faces   people's stone field is the name of this amusement park., others are still in the mining of stone field can hold marketing activities.Under the stone walls, for example, a concert or play is also a kind of unforgettable experiences.Although such activity takes a lot of investment, but some quarries are still willing to spend money to improve the image of the stone field.

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