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Investment from scaleA color cement brick machine

1.Color cement tile machine investment scaleA. land area: 1000 square meters.The production workshop 100 square meters;Office of 20 square meters.B. 6 workers, including: host fully automatic operation, mixer feeding operator two, four other members of staff.C. production capacity: 900000 pieces/year (single shifts, nissan 3000, annual output of 300 days)D. the main raw materials: fly ash, sand, stone and cement.
2. ShowA. mainframe design automation, automatic powder, feed, automatic forming;Timing and self-control and Lord, wide adaptability.B. it USES mitsubishi PLC computer numerical control configuration, touch human-machine interface system, full automation from feed to product, all module design.
Facilitate different cultural level personnel skilled operation quickly.C. the machine in the production of color tile is made by our company in cash at the centre of the development and technical formula, the technique is only used to cement sand as raw material to a whole help color mold and molding, without having to burn natural curing, tile surface bright as a mirror, porcelain YouZhi feeling extremely, non-deformation, long service life.My company free of charge to provide technical formula and on-site installation and debugging.Color cement tile machine investment

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