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How to solve the problem of cracks in cement tile production

Cement color tile machine in the production of cement tiles need to take some quality control measures, to ensure the production of cement tiles in terms of appearance, strength and hardness is quality indicators. On the appearance quality control should be wary of the cement color tile cracks appear defects, uneven, wait for a phenomenon. Mechanism for the color tile cement tile cracks problem, can through the following measures to deal with.
1, check the color tile machine production ratio of materials. Cement dosage is too much, water cement ratio is appropriate, the amount of sand or mud is too big, sand particle size is too fine, grading is reasonable (sand particle size is not consistent, it is better for thick, fine), when necessary to construction unit's lab please tell them to do a design.
2, check the color tile machine production process. Focus on forming after demoulding and handling is appeared in the process of vibration.
3, examine, the mechanism of color tile cement tile curing conditions. Cement is hydraulic material, need some water in the process of its hardening. If there are conditions can build a steam room (or pool) for maintenance.
If there are no conditions should also improve the humidity inside the greenhouse, or use grass curtain covering water conservation, after never directly within the greenhouse heating roasted with fire. As long as strictly abide by the implementation of the above measures, in detail place, strict production operation specification. Color cement tile cracks problems have been completely avoided.

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