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Tile machine bearing selection

Color w machine bearing of select, color w machine General bearing replaced of technology requirements: spindle and bearing both uniform fine contact, and has must of tie clearance, makes Shang, and Xia bearing and spindle contact angle yiwai part formed oil wedge, and wedge shaped from w mouth began by maximum gradually transition to zero; contact angle not too big also not too small, in not effect bearing by pressure conditions of premise Xia, contact angle more small more good; contact angle range within of actual contact spots more more, more fine, and more uniform more good.
We know that determine the thickness of oil wedge Bush clearance and influence of spindle running accuracy and reasonable adjustment bearing clearance is an important issue, and must meet the prescribed standards: tip clearance of the bearing joint face of change in highly available shim thickness adjustment. Gasket fewer bearing compact the better, the device run more smoothly; when lateral clearance between bearing and axle journal measurement, feeler gauge inserted between the length of the 1/4 should not be smaller than the shaft diameter, bearing joint face backlash should be uniformly equal.
Turui tile machine after years of research found that top clearance shall be 0.15% -0.2% for shaft diameters of bearing, backlash should top clearance of 60%~100%, axial clearance should be 1~3mm is the best. If bearings work well equipment operation between the bearing and the bearing seat easy to reverse sliding or rotating. We must prevent this happening.

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