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Concrete impermeability test

1. equipment Specification and patient specimens suitable watertight box.
2. sample conditioning The sample at a temperature of 15 c ~30 c, relative air humidity not less than 40%, well-ventilated conditions, placed not less than 24h.

3. test procedure
(1) place a specimen face up in suitable watertight box, deviation angle of the specimen plane and horizontal plane shall not be more than 10 °.
(2) the gaps around the frame edge of the specimen should be less than 3mm, use impermeable materials sample and the box clearance and roof tile fixing hole is properly sealed.
(3) water into the sample at the end and box in a sealed container, and Ridge tile 15mm more water, the testing process has maintained the level. This test device at a temperature of 15 c ~30 c, under the conditions of relative humidity of air not less than 40%, store 24h. D4 results and evaluation Observation of specimens being tested is not water droplets appear on the back, the impermeability to qualify. If the Group has one or more of the back drop of the sample, the impermeability is not qualified.

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