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Automatic maintenance and production of moulded cement tile machine efficiency

Zhengzhou Turui is a professional advanced technology, operation is simple and easy, automatic molding concrete tile machine digital control machinery and equipment. Through the cement, sand and other low-cost raw materials for special processing, after color tile machinery and equipment production of molded/hydraulic means professional tile tile equipment. Recently, many of our customers Senda operation encountered some problem causes the machine is not working properly, Senda technicians to go through inspection, found many reasons because of improper operation or the lack of timely maintenance caused by the machine. Senda recommended cement tile manufacturers to production after maintenance, maintenance delays but it can make life longer, more durable.
Tile Enterprise professional maintenance personnel are often smaller, usually only for simple parts and maintenance, often unclear which parts are problematic, so to compete with manufacturers combine skilled operator, which is more effective, simple and effective.
Daily maintenance of tile equipment it can be normal, although normal maintenance will take up more time, but I can guarantee the smooth production, increase efficiency, and necessary steps, so maintenance and productivity paradox is closely related.

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