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Cement tile which

Cement tile which
A good over its entire life-cycle of a building must be well sheltered roof tile that is it crucial to protect coat.Housing, roofing tile has three main functions. 1, rain leak. After the roof covered with colored cement tile roofs should be tightly covered, the rain and the roof very well isolated, no matter how big or how long rain, wind blowing no rainwater inside the House, or you will damage the housing decoration and facilities in, lived to be used, also can damage the entire structure, even over its life.
So if leakage will give people a lot of trouble and worry about unlimited. Thus the leak is the first important feature. Colored cement tiles to effectively waterproof caulk, not an easy task. Mankind civilization since the building they tried all kinds of ways for protection from the rain. But for thousands of years using a variety of materials and tiles, still has been unable to solve this problem, or can solve but expensive cannot be universal. Until recent decades before people develop color color cement tile, housing leak problem can be solved. No cement tiles are well leak.
Structure of color cement tile is not reasonable, leak-proof effect is poor. Single and dual-slot tile compared to highest single tile joints in the tile edges and lapping close firmly, gaps are small, forming an "s"-type joints, not afraid of side wind, rain dripping into the joint into the trench water very little water will not leak. Dual-slot tile is not, because the seams in the tile edges at Banpo, into the water is 20~30 times, Gale Storm easily leaks. Apart from the structural forms, WA impermeability to leak the impact it has. Poorly equipped craft simple tile factory could not produce high% .
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