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Our classic terrazzo tile is getting more popular

Nowadays, terrazzo tile machine and roof tile machine is getting more popular. Here is an article from mywesttexas:
The Bank of America building, with its two towers casting their long shadows over the bustling downtown area, is among Midland's most recognizable landmarks.
The main building was constructed in the 1950s, while the taller tower was added in the late 1970s. Now the building's owner, TCTB Management Group, LLC, has decided:""We wanted to preserve the marble,terrazzo and other expensive finishes the original builders installed," said Renea Wells, property manager for TCTB. "Those accents that they spent so much money on, we're going to bring them back to life." As for the roof tile, you can see villa and Bungalow with beautiful roofs everywhere, they looks really warm and gorgeous. Now we give you a perfect choice. you can use one machine produce both terrazzo tile and roof tile by simply changing moulds.
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