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Concrete roof tile machine should be how to maintain?

Each machine with longer, will appear all sorts of problems, concrete roof tile machine is not exceptional also, that we are in common concrete roof tile machine run time should be how to maintain?
1. Concrete roof tile machine hydraulic system before the start of check whether the oil level is normal;Proximity switch and limit device is fastening;Manual and automatic circulation is normal;The electromagnetic valve is in the original position;Open cooling water, before starting the discharge water after shutdown.
2.Every day in the workbench before starting the concrete roof tile machine guide rail on the surface, the inner surface, the guide pin on the sliding surface, mould and sliding surface surrounding the lining board, the movement of ejection device combining surface filling lubricating oil;the movement parts join any loose, if found to have loose phenomenon, to tighten.
3.In the process of concrete roof tile machine operation,always observe the running status of each system and the quality situation of moulding tile,If discovery is unusual, should immediately stop, after being ruled out abnormal boot up again.
4.If it is found that the filter cloth blocked or damaged must be timely flushing or replacement, to ensure the quality of moulding tile.
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