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How about terrazzo floor tiles

Turui Machinery is a professional manufacturer of automatic terrazzo brick machine and terrazzo floor tile equipment. Welcome customers to visit and inspect.
Terrazzo floor tiles are widely used in public buildings, such as hospitals, schools, commercial places, etc., terrazzo floor tiles are widely used. Because of its low price and good performance, terrazzo floor tiles have been recognized by many consumers. Advantages of terrazzo floor tiles:
1. The surface brightness of the terrazzo floor tiles is over 70 after the light treatment, and the dustproof and antiskid reaches the quality of marble.
2. The surface hardness of the terrazzo floor tile reaches 6-8, close to the surface of the high hardness granite, and the wear resistance is good.
3. Terrazzo floor tiles can be spliced ​​at will, and colors can be customized.
4. The terrazzo floor tiles are not cracked, they are not afraid of rolling by heavy vehicles, they are not afraid of being dragged by heavy objects, and they do not shrink and deform.
5. Terrazzo floor tiles are dust-free and have high cleanliness; the cleanliness meets the requirements of high-clean environments such as pharmaceuticals and chip manufacturing.
6. Terrazzo floor tiles are non-flammable, non-flammable, aging-resistant, stain-resistant, corrosion-resistant, free from odor and pollution.
7. The terrazzo floor tiles are bright and clean. If you need to improve the brightness, hit the ordinary floor wax (do not affect its antistatic performance).
8. Terrazzo floor tiles are decorated horizontally and vertically, without gaps between the divided bars, with dense connections and good overall appearance.
9. The building performance and mechanical performance of terrazzo floor tiles are no different from the high-quality terrazzo floors used in various buildings. They meet the requirements of the national standard GB50209-2002 and the standards of JC507-1993 building terrazzo products.

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