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The raw material of the terrazzo tiles

The raw material of terrazzo tiles
The raw material of terrazzo tiles are concrete, stone, stone powder.
The following pictures are stone powders
 stone powder
First thing you need take care about it the stone powder's  Of course the stone powder has different colors, white, gray, or black for example. The color of stone powder depends on the tile's color, the white tile shall use white stone powder.
The second problem is the fineness of the powder. The powder should use special crushers to produce.The size of small stones shall not bigger than 0.5 mm.
The cement color depends on the tiles color: if the tiles use yellow,red, green or other "light" color, then you definitely need white cement. 
The little secrete which can turn your white cement to colorful tiles is to use color paste to improve the tiles color, which is commonly used in terrazzo tile industry.
The last part of the materials of the tiles are glasses and other components. Some of the customer always prefer beautiful surfaces.
They can use bowler or other material depends the local material.

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