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Terrazzo machine production line

Terrazzo floor tile is cement sand and semi-precious stone, use connect body material ismade, up and down a body, completely prevent the fission square brick road surface and the bottom for use two layer material and form the unrelenting frosty, up layer scene, to live longer. This product surface relaxed and natural, never fade, and have the flexural compressive anti-freeze prevent slippery characteristic.
Product used for importantstreet, the school, the plot, the park, the square, the courtyard of limestone surface. Shanxi LingShi street reform, taiyuan street reform, Beijing capital airport thirdchannel establish (Olympic projects) projects are set up to use this product. Terrazzo floor tile consumer line are there terrazzo floor tile machines and supporting cast grinding machine apply, raw material through mixing machine, floor tile pressure high pressure molding machine. Consumption of high efficiency, active on level is high,program control.
Compared to the dry material with big, forming principle high density and strength, and the floods low rate, exterior size is exact, and many other advantages. The export of microcomputer "PLC control program, is the collection machine, hydraulic,pneumatic, computer active computerized control of integration advanced equipment.

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