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Terrazzo tile factory house how to reduce the cost efficienc

A terrazzo tile vendors would cost relations with the terrazzo tile vendors would harvest profits, the terrazzo brick factory, how to ensure the quality of products under the premise of how to reduce cost increase efficiency?Here is to see how we figure of zhengzhou TU RUI machinery on the premise of guarantee the quality of our products, to lower our production costs increase production efficiency!A, first of all, we guarantee the quality of the product premise, we reduce the terrazzo tile machine production cost of raw materials.According to the performance of raw material, add a certain amount of fly ash, coal gangue, slag and other industrial slag and tailings.Such not only can reduce the dosage of raw materials, to guarantee the normal production.But also can increase the content of the internal combustion materials.In addition to have burnt waste brick after crushing.This can also reduce the consumption of raw material, add as to the raw material.

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