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Terrazzo tile machine industry development prospects

Terrazzo tile machine industry development prospects:
1. Raw material: cement, colored stones, gravel, stain as raw materials (some of you need to add chemical additives).Range, do not need to cover the earth, don't need to build kiln, the state vigorously support.Production cost is low investment and high profit.
2. The automatic equipment of terrazzo tile compared with traditional manual terrazzo tile, excellent quality, has been widely used in developed countries, is still in its infancy in our country, the huge market space.
3. The mature technology and easy to master, big market, the prospects for wide, green environmental protection, the national support.Is the enterprise, the ideal of individual investment projects.
4. Machinery production, operation is simple and easy to master, but can small scale of production, the investment flexibility.
5. Thickness is adjustable, can be customized according to user's requirements.
6. Benefits: based on the purposes of terrazzo tiles, terrazzo tiles size thickness;Cement, colored stones, gravel, stain or adding chemical additives ratio is not constant;Grinding and polishing requirement is not the same;
All in all, terrazzo floor tile machine equipment to make full use of the debris, marble and use cement or resin as raw materials to suppress, produce high quality plates.

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