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Automatic brick stone grinding machine features

Compared to grinding and polishing equipment has the following features:
1. The machine design is unique, modelling is novel and attractive, with the same purpose products is completely different.
2. High degree of automation, ingenious structure, simple operation, good quality, easy to maintenance.Only one operator.
3. Conversion workstation, mill pressure, water supply, etc all realize automation.Can one-time completion of coarse, medium and fine grinding and polishing, etc. All the work.
4. Hydraulic transmission structure, small volume, light weight, low noise, low energy consumption.
5. The grinding head rotation, brick their spins, grinding polishing effect is significantly improved.
6. Quick change structure designed on a millstone, grinding block wear and tear and accidental breakage after the replacement fast and convenient.
7. Environmental protection free from contamination, working condition, no water splash, dust float in the sky.Improved the working environment of workers, their use has solved the original operator easy to suffer from the serious problem of rheumatoid arthritis.
8. High production efficiency, it is the original number of products of the same purpose.
9. Wide varieties, apply to all kinds of natural stone material, grinding stone, refractory material and steel grinding and polishing.
Wide applicable specifications, a variety of square or approximate square, etc all can grinding and polishing.

Brick stone grinding machine operation procedures

(1), before the start of the equipment should be first to check whether there is foreign body on equipment, water oil circuit is normal.

(2), check whether to put the first brick for each station, and then to start the grinding head motor.

(3), first open the total power, sets the grinding time, start the oil pump motor.

(4), to be set to start the grinding head motor after the oil pressure is normal.

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