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Characteristics and practice for terrazzo tiles

With the rapid development of urban construction, urban pavement construction quality improvement. Now in designs, terrazzo tiles, with its elegant taste of various colors, colorfast, durable performance replaced the various colored floor tiles. Occupy the main area of city sidewalk construction.

But current domestic production of terrazzo used terrazzo machines manually. Its low productivity, high cost, larger footprint, energy consumption. How to improve efficiency and lower costs are put in front of terrazzo tiles suppliers a topic. Accordingly, our own research, design and manufacture

MZJ series energy-saving automatic polishing machine solves this problem. The machine has the following features: 1, this machine uses a 6-station, 1-5 5 disc. Conversion stations, disc rotation, water supply, and all automated. Single completed the coarse, medium and fine grinding and

polishing all of the work. 2, due to the high degree of automation, manual, power, intensity, location, the cost savings are obvious. 3, advanced design, structure smart, good quality, simple operation, easy maintenance. 4, the machine can be used around the clock continuous production

, maximum daily production of 350 square meters ground stone bricks. The monthly production capacity of more than 10,000 square meters. 5, 1-5 5, the machine as a result of the grinding head, once meet the quality requirements, high production efficiency, the equivalent of 15 manual grinding

machines. Daily production of 300 sq m, the artificial light wage lower than hand-grinding stones for half as much, which is not hard to see, which helps ground stone industry to achieve two key productivity and economic leap forward. Stone brick grinding machine operating procedures:

(1), thedevice should check before the equipment is put on foreign objects inside the oil circuit water properly. (2),check that each station first to put the bricks, before you can start grinding head motor. (3), first open the main power supply, set the grinding time, start the pump motor. (4) start, set oilpressure normal after grinding head motor.

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