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How to choose your terrazzo machines

1, knew exactly what kind of material the size of the product you want to do and tile patterns. Can communicate with the technicians pictures, parameters, initial communication video to confirm.
2, after confirmation of further according to the actual situation and the demand of finished material process, such as brick-making process can by replacing the mold into tile, can reach more than one machine, but also meet the requirements for cost savings.   
3, field trips, visit the terrazzo mechanical machine manufacturer, Zhengzhou Tu Rui Machinery scale strength machinery manufacturers, plant with a large number of crushers equipment product at any time, for detailed comparison of clients, more in-depth understanding of the terrazzo floor tiles.   
4, shop around, price, brand, service, Zhengzhou Tu Rui factory to excellent product quality, good service for its flagship brand, and are committed to providing efficient, energy-saving, affordable equipment, and establish long-term stable relations with old customers, to maintain good relations of cooperation.

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