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The difference between terrazzo flooring terrazzo floor tile

 As we all know, terrazzo flooring is widely used in the mass building material, commonly used in airports, subway and other public places, the terrazzo floor design easy to use simple and generous, diversification of personalized materials.
  Terrazzo tile is the automatic mechanism of terrazzo tiles, mass production, high output, use less artificial and so on. Diversification of products and devices, a device can produce a variety of products, tiles and other building materials equipment.
  Compared to the terrazzo flooring terrazzo tiles production for long time period, copper and other partitions need to be added to prevent the cement cracking caused by thermal expansion and contraction, but the advantage is that you can design multiple patterns, more beautiful. Standard terrazzo tiles can avoid this type of situation occurs, may also have specific design patterns, terrazzo tiles cannot be regular changes of design patterns, unless you replaces the mold, and the price of replacing the mold larger terrazzo tiles between the cast-terrazzo and each have their own advantages and disadvantages

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