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Terrazzo press what are the national standard

Terrazzo mechanical press with which national standards?
1, compressor pressure measurement. Pressure into pressure and the maximum pressure of the compressor.
2,= Master cylinder area x pressure kgf/cm 2300mm
3, such as master cylinder diameter, maximum pressure up to 220 kg/cm 2 (22MPa high pressure pump)
4, maximum pressure: (30X30)/4X3.14X220=155430 kg (155.43 tons)
5, working pressure: (30X30)/4X3.14X180 kgf/cm 2=127170 kg (127.17 tons)
6, manufacturers of single pump: If the master cylinder diameter: 320mm
7, maximum pressure: (32X32)/4X3.14X130 kgf/cm 2 (pump 13 MPa)
= 104499.2 (104.5 tons)
Terrazzo machines for the production lot was according to the factory's standard production, need to pay attention to when we are buying.

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