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Grinding and polishing of terrazzo maintenance technology

Terrazzo of weathering, erosion, and is currently the only way is the stone surface dirt after cleaning, put a layer of wax. This approach to the new terrazzo surface may play a role in the protection, delaying the speed of natural weathering and erosion, but weathered terrazzo surface, abrasion, its effect is the same as in rotten wood surface with a layer of varnish, simply cannot reproduce the bright as a mirror effect. And poorly so the wax film formed long, generally want to keep for a week or so, again, cleaning wax. Construction not only frequent and costly each year to hundreds of Yuan per square meter costs of cleaning wax. Cleaning wax is at present not every cleaning company to meet the customer's unique method of expediency, not symptoms, more about root causes.
Terrazzo to bright as a mirror, crystal clear, mainly because after the terrazzo machining surface to form a layer of glassy film, this film not only has for specular gloss and transparency the internal structure of the stone that people have observed patterns, bright beauty here. Weathering and erosion of terrazzo restoration of its stunning beauty, the key is to be formed in the terrazzo surface glass films. Terrazzo floor polishing machine technology principle is: terrazzo surface weathering, erosion of the aging plane to reveal fresh layer, then with a special mechanical terrazzo surfaces have a very complicated role to form the new glassy film,
Restoring terrazzo natural beautiful decorative effects. Throughout the process, including a number of processes without any chemicals.
 From the root of the problem, let the brightness smoothes the rough foul terrazzo%E。

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