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Terrazzo tiles-machine operation

Terrazzo tiles models there are many kinds, in the process of production, many customer calls Advisory terrazzo machines issue, some customers also on the characteristics of the machine are not so understanding, more technical advisory terrazzo tiles, and operation and maintenance problems. Many customers buy our machines, the actual encounter a variety of problems associated with the operation of the production, nowTurui to summarize the terrazzo tiles concrete operation process and the need to pay attention to the problem.
Terrazzo tiles concrete steps:
1, while the machine is running, must settle on a firm place.
2, when the mold is installed, you must make the mouth piece, core, machine head and screw shaft Center alignment, otherwise will result in a blank black point, bending, and so on.
3, check the plug location for accuracy, core-end face is flushed, General 1~2mm within the core back machine for head ends;
4, strict control of particle size of raw materials within the fuel, diesel particle size should be less than 3 mm.
5, in the burning-free brick machine operation, the tool into the drum is strictly prohibited, so as to avoid accidents.
6, no manipulation, is strictly forbidden without a license when they leave work.
7, brick terrazzo machines for testing, hopper should be fixed well, cut off the power.

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