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Core of the terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo machine maintenance is very important, in fact, the focus of the terrazzo machine is grinding tool.We are very clear, mold in the role of terrazzo machine cannot be replaced.So, for the terrazzo machine maintenance simple is the maintenance to the mold.We must first clear mold what is the composition of, can be targeted to protect.In general, terrazzo machine mould is a kind of after multiple process and form of special steel material.So, terrazzo mould is durable, the advantages of no deformation.Terrazzo machine mould in addition to the enough hardness, when use deformation, it is the second advantage of strength is very large.In terrazzo machine, because the mold has the characteristics of high precision at the same time, so, terrazzo machine in engineering, has been popular.Terrazzo machine is terrazzo floor tile of exclusive equipment.Has been widely used in all kinds of ground facilities.Mold the characteristics of the greatly increased the overall effect of the terrazzo machine, let terrazzo machine more accord with the requirement of the ground engineering

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