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Terrazzo line main component requirement

Terrazzo line main component requirement
1, upper spindle grinding head, grinding head, cam material should not be less than GB/T699 about 45 steel demand, and tempering treatment.
2, grinding head gear materials should not be lower than about 45 steel requirements stated in the GB/T699, and the quenching tempering against, quenched hardness of HB217~HB255; quenched hardness of HRC45~HRC52.
Plane tolerances 3, rack table surface is 0.2MM per square.
4, the upper grinding head spindle shaft axis of radial runout of shaft bearing a common axis of tolerance should not be less than GB/T1184
5 upper drive sleeve Assembly, grinding head shaft axis and the axis of the bore of bearing position a common axis of radial runout tolerance grade of not less than GB/T1184.
6, grinding head and upper two-bearing hole concentricity tolerance should not be less than GB/T1184.
7, head-by-power idle, running smoothly, no significant vibration, no abnormal noise, free running, grinding wheel bearing end cover surface temperature rise of less than 40k.

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