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Terrazzo refurbished care treasure dian

Terrazzo is the cement, toner, stone meters, quartz sand according to certain ratio column casting, grinding.His with low cost, shape, color control, construction is convenient wait for an advantage, widely used in public places and the production workshop, warehouse, workshop, classroom, etc.However, due to the construction technology of using the old-fashioned methods coarse grinding, plus terrazzo coarse grinding, thick wool stoma, shelter evil people and practices easily, easy to be wear, and a variety of water-based, oily soil permeability, causing surface weathering, dust, tiny holes and pollution.Regular cleaning waxing cannot fundamentally solve the problem.So I try company through trial and error, to form a complete set of solutions, fundamentally improve the quality of terrazzo, make daily maintenance more easily.The technology was developed by our company production of professional beauty stone stone grinding machine with different number of grinding (block), coarse, fine, fine three of terrazzo polishing, seal micro hole, to strengthen the internal structure, and then use penetrant in polymers in combination with surface terrazzo surface heat through friction, make potions and terrazzo surface produces chemical reaction, generate hard wear-resisting, high brightness, waterproof, anti-fouling, easy cleaning and maintenance of the dense crystal layer.At the same time terrazzo surface produce high brightness mirror effect.After renovation grinding crystallization of terrazzo gloss, hardness, antifouling performance, water can be comparable to the marble.

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