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Terrazzo machine technical disclosure procedures

Terrazzo made in concrete grinding operations to meet the design strength.Before operation, should check and confirm the connector fastening, tap millstone occurred when a mallet ringing sound without crack, before operation.Cable should be set up from the ground, can not drag on the ground.Cable should be no breakage, good grounding protection.After the power supply, water, white background pressure lifted off the ground to make a millstone, starting motor again.And shall check mill rotating direction consistent with the direction indicated by an arrow, after being properly functioning, then slow down mill, for homework.Job, a continuous cooling water shall not be used for water to working face is dry.
After beating sound job, if I found a millstone, should immediately stop overhaul.After downtime, should first improve mill to turn it off.After new millstone, should first in wastewater on the stone floor or waste cement products surface grinding with diamond cutting, grinding, put in working face.After operation, should cut off power supply, clean the different parts of the mud, and placed in a dry place, covered with rain wear.Long-stalled reoccupy machinery, before use, besides the necessary machinery repair and maintenance must measure the insulation resistance of the motor, qualified rear can use.

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