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How to prevent the terrazzo part heat problem

Equipment heating problem in their daily lives but also developers and users care about an issue, such as contact phone, television, cars will have a fever. Does not give off heat that is out of the question, we need to reduce the possibility of heat as much as possible.
terrazzo machines the same way. We work a lot to consult customers not understand terrazzo machines price, too much is what equipment has failed, or is something wrong with the Advisory resolution. Our equipment's heating problem below to share some simple solutions. Fever is not difficult to think of frictional heating, it indicates that the lubrication of the equipment has not done enough, the bearing friction, temperature is warm for a long time, severe wear of friction makes equipment for a long time, affected the work of terrazzo normal, reduced equipment life. Terrazzo easy select venues, there is enough space, adaptable, but ultimately a major cause of friction is usually not ready for equipment maintenance, dust accumulation of parts caused by fever. Find a heating source, the problem can be solved, usually produced to keep the equipment clean, regular maintenance, line test, follow the instructions for cleaning and adding lubricants, keep the flexible operation of the device. Clean bearing sediment stains.
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