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New automatic machine with a terrazzo brick machine

     Era in the development, advances in technology, the design of housing construction and materials development.Virtually promotes the rapid upgrading of terrazzo machine, make the equipment operation more simple, more multi-usage function, the moment September our company newly developed full automatic multi-usage terrazzo brick making machine, formal sales in October.Pass the terrazzo tile machine widely used in urban and rural facilities on the ground, because of its low cost of design and color and shape can be arbitrary design, integral sex is good, beautiful and easy, no radiation, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, anti-aging, service life and natural stone.And other manufacturers of terrazzo machinery phase comparison, we can find that, new type automatic multi-usage terrazzo brick machine itself has many unique advantages, is don't have other similar equipment.
    1, the machine adopts the six points, 1-5, 5 mill.Conversion workstation, spinning mill, such as water supply full automation.Can a one-time coarse, medium and fine grinding and polishing, etc. All the work.
   2, because the machine is a high degree of automation, manual, electric power, the intensity of labor, sites, cost saving is obvious.
  3, this advanced terrazzo brick machine design, structure, quality, simple operation and easy maintenance.
  4, this machine can be continuous production of clock, every day can produce 350 square meters the highest stone brick.Monthly production capacity of over ten thousand square meters.
  5, the machine with 1-5 of 5 grinding head, so the one-time meet the quality requirements, the production efficiency is high, about 15 manual grinding machine.
      Daily production of 300 square meters calculation, artificial light is salary more than half of the lower than manual grindstone, thus it is easy to see that the machine can help to achieve two key stone brick industry production capacity and economic benefits double leap.New automatic multi-usage terrazzo using cement brick machine, all kinds of natural stones, science unique craft formula, after 500 tons pressure machine molding, to ensure the quality of products and the geometrical angles, set the essence of all kinds of stone, dare to natural stone material, suitable for all municipal engineering, parks, schools, all types of plant and large industrial building on the ground is decorated, is necessary for villas residential indoor and outdoor decoration.Zhengzhou turui machinery will give you the best products and prices.Welcome you to visit.sales@turuimac.com 0371-56669277

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