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Turui terrazzo adversity transformation and sublimation of the quality of machinery and equipment

Market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, artificial stone is widely used in various fields. In the decoration project of artificial stone varieties are commonly used in polyester artificial stone and terrazzo, turui terrazzo machines specifically for processing new terrazzo. Turui terrazzo in the pursuit of simplicity, favorite of terrazzo floor. With high speed and good cooling, steady work, the advantages of simple operation, is the best tool for grinding of terrazzo flooring. Now in designs, various colors of terrazzo, with its elegant taste, colorfast, durable performance replaced the various colored floor tiles. Occupy the main area of city sidewalk construction. But current domestic production of terrazzo used terrazzo machines manually. Its low productivity, high cost, larger footprint, energy consumption. How to improve efficiency and reduce costs is a task set terrazzo machine manufacturer. Accordingly, our own research, design and manufacture of a series of energy-saving type automatic terrazzo solves this problem.

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