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At six terrazzo machine terrazzo bright as new

1. How old  terrazzo  must first by removing stains can be terrazzo mirror processing. with terrazzo refurbished machines, we will have aging old  or .
2. lesions of stone material such as macular deep, deep scratches, stains , powerful to surface  1-2 mm, revealing new level again dozen glazed, cooperate with stone grinding .
3. Machine adopts different grinding from  low mesh to high mesh for grinding and polishing in order to the required brightness .
4. New production  terrazzo  terrazzo mirror processing after the polishing.
5. Terrazzo mirror processing after its surface hardness can reach common granite hardness, the surface glossiness can reach more than 90   degrees.
6.  terrazzo surface after processing ability of water, dirt, prevent slippery, weak acid and alkali.Other properties with granite.  daily maintenance without wax polishing, according to the condition of stream of people to do the local polish a month or quarter cycle, can keep good surface finish.  
terrazzo  quality elegant  after processing has imported natural marble is showily, but also the hardness of the granite, and economic benefits.

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