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Terrazzo machines technical disclosure procedures

1. terrazzo timing when the design strength 70%-80% concrete grinding jobs.
2. before the work, should check and make sure that the connector fastening, when with a mallet tap grinding crack and crisp sound, before they can work.
3. the cable should be erected from the ground shall not be dragging on the ground. Cables should be no damage, good protective earthing.
4. after the power, water, began the pressure helped make the disc off the ground and start motor. And check disc rotation direction indicated by the arrows in the same direction, running normal, slow down mill operations.
5. operation, using cooling water shall not be interrupted, not dry in water should be adjusted to face.
6. operation, when the disc is found after beating abnormal sound, should be immediately shut down for inspection. When the machine stops, should improve after the mill shut down.
7. after replacing a new millstone should scrap the terrazzo flooring or scrap surface grinding diamond cutting edge grinding of cement products out for re-entering the face operation.
8. jobs, cut off power supply, clean the various parts of the mud, placed in a dry place, covered with a poncho-proof.
9. long-term use with mechanical, apart from the necessary repair and maintenance of machinery, before using, you must measure the insulation resistance of the motor, qualifying.

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