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What is a terrazzo machine mould?

What is a terrazzo?Terrazzo: refers to the marble and granite debris into the cement mixture.Terrazzo floor is a kind of cement as the main raw material of a kind of composite ground material, the use of its low cost and good performance, widely used in the large area of public buildings.According to the national related department statistics show that the use of national public buildings terrazzo area of more than 6 billion square meters, hospital, pharmacy, machinery, government agencies, schools, businesses, airport station, wharf, etc.

Traditional terrazzo, with its low cost, can be arbitrary toning spelling a flower, construction is convenient wait for a unique advantage, has a huge market in China, has been used in urban and rural areas all kinds of buildings in the country of terrazzo floor has 10 trillion square meters.Cause the terrazzo floor, however, the traditional construction technology is very rough, hidden sewage, even before delivery was dirty, more brings to the daily cleaning of health severely hampered.However, as time goes on, have met in practical use is very outstanding problem: terrazzo weathering, erosion, stained, is bleak.How to restore has been weathering, erosion of terrazzo their original bright beauty, is building decoration industry has become more and more urgent to solve the problem.

Terrazzo polishing maintenance technology
In the face of terrazzo weathering, erosion, at home and abroad is currently the only way is to dirt on the surface of the stone after cleaning, playing on a layer of wax.This approach to new terrazzo surface can play a protective role, slow speed of natural weathering, erosion, but to have terrazzo surface weathering, erosion, its effect would be on the decayed wood surface of the brush a layer of varnish, simply cannot reproduce the effect of bright as a mirror.And this form of wax film long-life sex is very poor, usually can only stay a week or so and cleaning waxing again.Not only the construction is frequent, and the cost is very high, every year the cost of cleaning waxing to hundreds of yuan of every square metre.Cleaning waxing is currently cleaning companies shall not be the only alternatie method and deal with customers, can not take temporary, let alone cure.Cleaning waxing is not the stone material ground processing on real significance, the reason is that there is no real solution terrazzo processing key technology.Terrazzo is bright as a mirror, glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, mainly because after terrazzo machining surface to form a layer of vitreous film, this film not only has bright luster, and can clear show the inner structure level of stone namely people observed patterns, bright beauty right here.To weathering, erosion of terrazzo restore its beautiful aesthetic feeling, the key is to form in terrazzo surface to vitreous membrane.

Terrazzo floor grinding &polishing machine technology principle is: will the terrazzo surface weathering, erosion of aging plane to reveal fresh layer, and then by the special mechanical method in the terrazzo surface effect extremely complex and form new vitreous membrane, to restore natural beautiful adornment effect.The whole process including the multi-channel working procedure, without any chemical reagent.
Fundamentally solve the problem, make rough dirty terrazzo smooth light, take temporary solution and effect a permanent cure, mirror effect.Renovation cost is low.No pollution, no dust, no mud splash or noise, such as shopping malls, hotel construction can construction while operating.Can change the traditional construction technology on the ground, such as the ground to spread MAO board or spelling a flower to the polishing again first.Not only can reduce cost, also can eliminate spelling a joint in construction.
Terrazzo crystal siliconizing curing technology
Crystal siliconizing principle is to use modified resin with silicate powder filler terrazzo surface pore blocking the visible and invisible, and generated on the surface of 0.5 mm of silicate crystals, organic silicon and silicon dioxide combination, make ordinary terrazzo or more high-grade imported marble effect.

Terrazzo crystal siliconizing technology applicable to renovate old terrazzo modified and new terrazzo surface modification, improving the traditional terrazzo comprehensive performance index.
The characteristics of the terrazzo modified
1), high surface finish, gloss units can reach 90 degrees, the highest gloss units can reach 98 degrees, the equivalent of imported high-grade marble surface quality.
2), the hard surface height of 5-7, close to the surface of high hardness granite, wearability.
3), resistance to penetration, can waterproof anti-fouling (water penetration rate is less than 0.8), oil resistant, resistant to weak acid, alkali, salt fog resistance, natural protection of the comprehensive performance than the existing all stone products.
4), the service life of up to 30 years, special formula and structure design to ensure that the crystal siliconizing plate in the cycle of put into use after repair is simple, cost for maintenance of cleaning and hygiene management difficulty greatly reduced.

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