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Color tile machine can also use diesel generator for solving Africa power shortage problem

Color tile machine is a power in use do to pressure in the production of color tile equipment, the raw material use, energy use, production process is energy conservation and environmental protection equipment, waste recycling, etc. Color tile machine use electricity source for greatly reducing the sintering tile machine energy consumption and environmental pollution. Large and medium-sized color tile machine electricity generally 30 to 55 k w per hour, for power developed area can afford this kind of power consumption, but for African countries with a deficiency of electricity deficiency is a bit difficult. Africa, north and south of electricity supply is quite wide, South Africa is relatively better. Many parts of Africa can also power system, but the shortage of electricity supply, often without electricity. This kind of large equipment for color tile machine production line, production interruption not only affect the production efficiency and the quality of product, equipment service life of the wreck.
Color tile machine can also use diesel generator for solving Africa power shortage problem
Aspects of mechanical production of diesel oil color tile machine can solve the shortage of electricity supply for the Africa region affect the problem of block production. Color tile machine features: 1, save power, suitable for remote parts of Africa and so on electric power supply;2, raw materials, energy conservation, environmental protection, saving land resource and recycle waste ore;3, to produce hollow tile, tile, porous blind holes, multi-usage, mould replacement, simple and convenient. Diesel system tile machine used to regions with different economic profits and social benefits, is ideal equipment in the production of block building materials market.

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