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The choice of the color tile machine bearings

Color tile machine bearing, the choice of the color tile machine technical requirements of general bearing replacement, spindle and bearing shell are even close contact, and it is certain to should have fit clearance, the upper and lower bearings and spindle outside contact Angle part form oil wedge, and gradually transition to the biggest wedge from tile edging by zero; Contact Angle is not too big nor too small, in does not affect the bearing compressive conditions under the premise of the smaller the contact Angle is better; Contact Angle within the scope of the actual contact pattern, the more fine and uniform as possible. We know that the clearance of bearing bush decided to the thickness of oil wedge, and affect the working precision of the spindle, so reasonable regulate bearing clearance is an important question,
The choice of the color tile machine bearings
must to the provisions of the standard: increase or decrease the height of the top clearance available bearing shell tile edging gasket to adjust the thickness of the joint surface. Shim quantity is less, bearing compaction situation, the better, the more stable equipment operation; Measuring clearance between the bearing and the shaft neck side, feeler inserted into the gap in the 1/4 of length should not be less than the diameter of axle, bearing joint surface uniform side clearance should be equal.  the diameter of axle bearing bush of 0.15% ~ 0.2%, lateral clearance should be 60% ~ 100% of tip clearance, axial clearance should be 1 to 3 mm is the best. If the bearing work was not well done, equipment operation between bearing and bearing prone to reverse slip or move. We must prevent this phenomenon.

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