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Tile machine can take advantage of waste fly ash as raw material

Color w machine can using waste fly ash do raw materials, fly ash as color w machine raw materials and cement mixed of benefits in cement color w machine production in the mining using cement and fly ash ingredients is using which of not burning do carbon; fly ash for cement mixed material, fly ash production low temperature synthesis cement, production principle is will tie material first steam conservation generated hydration real, then by dehydration and low temperature solid instead should formed cement mineral; fly ash making no clinker cement, including lime fly ash cement and pure fly ash cement, lime fly ash cement is will Dry fly ash quality of 10%--30% lime or lime and a small amount of gypsum mixed with grinding, or milled separately and then mix made of hydraulic cementitious material. fly ash cement hydration heat low, good crack resistance and impermeability of the characteristic convection acid erosion and water erosion have better resistance to diseases. Cement tile machine using both raw materials not only insulation, thermal leak-proof effect is more obvious.
Tile machine can take advantage of waste fly ash as raw material
1. What is ash? What is the source of the fly ash? Collected fly ash from the flue gas of coal combustion fly ash ash, fly ash is solid waste from coal-fired power plants.
2. where is the harm of fly ash? If you fly ash left over from industrial stacked up more it would be a lot of land resources, groundwater pollution, dust pollution of atmosphere, radioactive substances may exist which may also cause radiation pollution and harm to human health.
3. how to deal with fly ash to make it turn? We all know that fly ash is one of the sources of environmental pollution, is national headache to deal with pollutants, a lot of accumulation will cause air pollution and how to dispose of the ash can also be contaminated%
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