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Terrazzo machine and before starting the work right after the operation

Terrazzo machine before starting in mechanical system (on the turntable, mould with sliding surface surrounding the lining board and other various movement friction surface) combined with lubricating oil.Check whether there is any loose on the bearing connection, fastening for loose phenomenon.Because the machine is hydraulic system, it will check whether the oil level is normal before start, manual and automatic device is normal, open water, before starting the discharge water after shutdown.After the production must clean the machine, especially the mixer, quantitative machine, mold, etc.Mould for upperpunch decks should be regularly dredge, native vacuum tank is set with automatic cleaning device, press the vacuum tank after cleaning of the keys on the operation panel and the mold will press the touch screen set good time automatic cleaning to end.Pay attention to the electrical cabinet banned drench water during cleaning.Need to immediately after cleaning refueling to friction parts, such as: the middle plate and pillar, wheel, etc.In the whole process of the running of the machine, always observe the running status of each system and the quality situation of adobe.Only in strict accordance with the procedures terrazzo machine, completes the daily maintenance, can play equipment efficiency, prolong the service life of equipment.
The floor tile of zhengzhou turui terrazzo machine widely used in urban and rural facilities on the ground, because of its low cost of design and color and shape can be arbitrary design, integral sex is good, beautiful and easy, no radiation, wear-resisting, prevent slippery, anti-aging, service life and natural stone.Under the people return uncut jade to pursue  terrazzo machine  become ground adornment to be bestowed favor on newly.Welcome to zhengzhou turui field trips, at the same time, there are a lot of floor samples and video to show you, welcome to call 0371-56669277

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