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Terrazzo tile machine is not standard operation

Terrazzo tile machine is not standard operation

(1) operators must wear JiaoXue, wear good insulating gloves.

(2) terrazzo tile machine in concrete to design strength is 70% ~ 80% when the grinding homework.

(3) before operation, should be tested and confirmed the cohesion a fastening, when use mallets tap millstone take back the loud noise no crack, can work.

(4) electric circuit, it is necessary to use QiHouXing insulation resistance of the four core soft line, should be applied to the electric switch button switch, and the device in the terrazzo tile polishing machine on the handle. The cable should be set up from the earth, may not be placed on the surface drag. The cable should be no damaged, maintain good grounding.

(5) terrazzo tile machine handle, must set of insulating tube, the line adopt socket zero maintenance, the contact shall be not less than two place, and shall put the leakage maintenance (leakage current measures should not be more than 15 mA, measures should be less than 0.1 s time).

(6) in the switch on the power, water, it helped to separate the pressure millstone surface, then start motor. And should the inspection confirms the direction of rotation and grinding back arrow shown in the same direction, to be functioning normally after another, slow down micropipette, a homework.

(7) homework, the use of the cooling water may not be continuous, water consumption should be transferred to a task noodles don't hair dry.

(8) assignments, when found beat or abnormal sound millstone, should immediately stop overhaul. Stop shall first micropipette ascension after shutdown.

(9) change after new millstone, should first in wastewater millstone ground level ground or waste cement products appearance grinding 1 ~ 2 h, diamond cutting out to cutting, then participate in task face homework.

(10) grinding block necessary clamping, and often test fixture should be, in case the millstone fly out cuts.

(11) homework, should be cut off power supply, cleaning of each place the mud, and placed in boring place, use in open-air.

(12) electrical wiring, switch, by electrical equipment maintenance and necessary, its don't personnel is allowed and pick up

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