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The daily maintenance of terrazzo machine hydraulic system

Hydraulic system is an important mechanical part of terrazzo machine, so the maintenance of the hydraulic system is also cannot be ignored.The first is to filter cleaning, it includes
(1) every time an oil change, filters should be replaced or thorough cleaning
(2) regular inspection, had better change once a year
(3) when the filter when an exception occurs, it should be replaced and when.

Followed by the terrazzo floor tile machine cleaning of hydraulic components (1) should be cleaned once a month, and prevent something into the system, but cannot be used when cleaning cleaning agent
(2) new machinery in use after two months, joint should be strong all fittings.

The third part is the terrazzo tile machine hydraulic circuit
(1) every week check fuel tank oil level.
(2) the oil temperature cannot exceed 70 degrees and less than 30
(3) the hydraulic oil should use fixed
(4) phone should be working 2000 hours after the replacement of oil, and oil change every time, should wash tank.

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