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Terrazzo tiles how to replace die?

Terrazzo tiles how to replace die? Terrazzo brick mould life is cyclical, replacing the mold should note the following points:
1, the required adjustment to hand form, starting hydraulic system.
2, promotion to the first limit, borders, promotion to the first limit, lower limit progress.
3, manually close the high and low tooling, including border, release the die and the fixing bolts of the border, Taiping platform rose to rise limit of the upper die, promotion up to rise of the border limits, and borders on the next model of the upper die, even separating die form.
4, lower table limited to retreat retreat retreat retreat, it may take away the original mold, will organise a replacement of all die I die on stage.
5, die things progress to progress the limit position, beginning position, will die down slowly, carefully transfer, aiming high and low modes and after the firm position of the border, to identify secure. Adjust border near the switch position of the high and low limit, transfers on the upper and lower limit position. Will die, border Institute. Check the lower screen environment. How to damage should be reversed.
6, conditioning the quantitative height and lock after feeding to a shared location.
7, prepared on pallets and relative levels to meet the location, ensure product with the 0.5~1mm gap between the support plate screw set. Dealing with the exchange of abrasive, users must be strictly based on the above steps, not only can throttle maintenance time, and faster for users to produce, also improved the user produce obedience is a user benefits from this law practice

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