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QT10-15 Block Making Machine

QT10-15 Block Making Machine

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QT10-15 Block Making Machine
    This production line can be fully and semi-automatic, which is suitable for big and medium sized plant investment. With higher capacity, suitable for big company invest. Need 6 people to operate. Semi-automatic block making machine line with cuber and curing system, which is in high technology, simple deploy, and smoothly work procedures. It insures the automatic production from material feeding to the block stacking. Fully automatic block making machine line includes finger car and steam curing system. It is in highly automatic and the fully automatic of the procedures, the material feeding mixing, conveying, curing and stacking can be realized..it is all according to customer requirement.

SPEC. Block 390*190*190 71Pcs/m³ Block 390*100*190 135Pcs/m³ Rectangular 200*100*60 50Pcs/m² I Shape 200*165*60 30Pcs/m² S Paver 225*112.5*60 40Pcs/m² Porous Brick 240*115*90 402Pcs/m³ SolidBrick 240*115*53 683Pcs/m³
Code model model model model model model model
Pcs/Pallet 10 18 35 18 24 24 48
Pcs/Hour 1800 3240 6300 3240 4320 4320 8640
Pcs/8 Hour 14400 25920 50400 25920 34560 34560 69120
Year(300day) 60845m³ 57600m³ 302400m² 256634m² 262481m² 10368000Pcs 20736000Pcs

Overall Dimensions 6900*5100*2900(mm)
Pallet Size(mm) 1100*850*25(Bamboo)
Machine Weight 12100kg
The Frequency Of Vibrate 50-90Hz
Max Excitation Force 120KN
Cycle Time(s) 15-20S
Installed Capacity(kw) 42KW
QT10-15 Block Making Machine
QT10-15 Block Making Machine

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