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QT4-15 bolck making machine

QT4-15 bolck making machine

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 QT4-15 bolck making machine
1.    QT4-15 can produce many kinds of Solid block, Hollow block, Pavers and so on
2.    Unique material feeder system can guarantee the maximum uniformity of the material feeding
3.    This machine adopts hydraulic transmission, smooth and reliable operation, the hydraulic pressure combined with efficient vibration molding, block density, good quality

SPEC. Block 390*190*190 71Pcs/m³ Block 390*100*190 135Pcs/m³ Rectangular 200*100*60 50Pcs/m² I Shape 200*165*60 30Pcs/m² S Paver 225*112.5*60 40Pcs/m² Porous Brick 240*115*90 402Pcs/m³ SolidBrick 240*115*53 683Pcs/m³
Code model model model model model model model
Pcs/Pallet 4 8 14 8 12 12 24
Pcs/Hour 720 1440 2520 1440 2160 2160 4320
Pcs/8 Hour 5760 11520 20160 11520 17280 17280 34560
Year(300day) 24338m³ 25600m³ 120960m² 114059m² 131241m² 5180000Pcs 10370000Pcs

Overall Dimensions 4850*4650*2250(mm)
Pallet Size(mm) 850*550*25(Bamboo)
Machine Weight 4000kg
The Frequency Of Vibrate 50-90Hz
Max Excitation Force 50KN
Cycle Time(s) 15-20S
Installed Capacity(kw) 21KW


QT4-15 bolck making machine
QT4-15 bolck making machine
QT4-15 bolck making machine

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