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QT8-15 Block Making Machine

QT8-15 Block Making Machine

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QT8-15 Block Making Machine
1.Vibrator and the frame to become an organic whole, reduce joint surface processing, reducing fittings, reduce the loss of energy transfer, improve the efficiency of the vibration. Using the frame hole on the tank, and narrow opening area, put an end to the oil, to avoid damage to parts; At the same time increase the eccentric shaft hole, intermediate by excessive gear connection, thereby increasing the vibration area effectively, make the vibration are more, ensure the compactness and strength of block products.
2, USES the air spring pneumatic cylinder clamping, optimal damping effect and can realize the load measurement and height control. Vibration isolation effect is good, can reduce the mechanical vibration generated by the bath.
3, quick die change equipment, ensure the pressure head and mould frame under clearance, mould replacement quick and easy.

SPEC. Block 390*190*190 71Pcs/m³ Block 390*100*190 135Pcs/m³ Rectangular 200*100*60 50Pcs/m² I Shape 200*165*60 30Pcs/m² S Paver 225*112.5*60 40Pcs/m² Porous Brick 240*115*90 402Pcs/m³ SolidBrick 240*115*53 683Pcs/m³
Code model model model model model model model
Pcs/Pallet 8 14 21 12 20 18 36
Pcs/Hour 1440 2520 3780 2160 3600 3240 6480
Pcs/8 Hour 11520 20160 30240 17280 28880 25920 51840
Year(300day) 48676m³ 44800m³ 181440m² 171089m² 218734m² 7776000Pcs 15552000Pcs

Overall Dimensions 6800*3800*2600(mm)
Pallet Size(mm) 850*850*25(Bamboo)
Machine Weight 9100kg
The Frequency Of Vibrate 50-90Hz
Max Excitation Force 80KN
Cycle Time(s) 15-20S
Installed Capacity(kw) 31.7KW

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