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Color roof tile making machine

Color roof tile making machine

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  • Features

【1】Features of concrete roof tile making machine:
1.Unique Water-proof Structure
Only the moulding tile have the valley bottom structure,which is very useful for the discharge of the rain,and can be effectively to avoided the reflux of the rain.What's more,the higher part of the tile's head can never make the reflux of the rain,even on the horizontal roofing.
2.Superhigh Strength
The tile produced by JS-128 has superhigh strength,about 1250 KN,and the overall dimension is very accurate(425mm×337mm,about 9 pcs/m²).The density is very homogeneous,the rupture strength is more than 200 KG,which can bear the constructor's weight easily.
3. The roof tile making machine has excellent design,hydraulic pressure,button operating. 4. It adopts the original mixing together with PC, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and gas technique.Full automatic control,the overall system is more reliable and stable.
5. Since our company was professional in producing concrete roof tile machine for many years,we have rich experience in maintain and production.
6. The roof tile making machine has high technology,high capacity,less investment and more harvest.
【2】Advantage of concrete roof tile making machine:
1. Our company combined with the most advanced technology development from a new generation of products. The new roof tile making machine not only improves the production capacity and making efficiency, but also expand the scope of application. After years of research, we produced a new type of roof tile making machine ahead of the same industry.
2. You can also produce terrazzo floor tiles by only changing the whole mould.It can reduce your cost. This is our advanced technology which many company haven’t. And we have produced this machine for more than 20 years,so we accumulate rich experience on production and maintainance.We can assure you that the quality is good.If you choose this machine,it will bring you more harvest.
【3】Main Technical  Parameter of concrete roof tile making machine:

Model JS-128
Overall Dimension 3120×1750×2650 mm
Moulding Cycle 8-10 s
Moulding Pressure 1250 KN
Weight of Main Engine 5.5 t
Equipped Capacitor 5.5 kw
Production Capacity 3800-4000 pcs/day
Tile Size 424×377 mm

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