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The CW - 12 roof tile machine

The CW - 12 roof tile machine

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【1】product brief introduction:
          CW-12 rolling type concrete roof tile production line , rotary ring design , fully enclosed hydraulic system , the upper and lower guide plate full cast steel base and build, quality heavy , bulky, stable performance .
Man-machine interface or Taiwan from Japan mitsubishi is used PLC control system, chooses import brand "interface" color monitor (touch screen), microcomputer automatic program control.
The host made from pure steel precision machining.Selection of cold-drawn steel surface hard chromium plating guide pillar, the hydraulic system design integration, exclusive ring gear rotating disk design, increase the running smoothness of the machine, more accurate positioning of the operating system is more stable.Die panel using "Cr12MoV (chrome vanadium molybdenum)" special steel finishing manufacturing, so as to ensure the long service life of the mold panel.Host is equipped with large "master cylinder", sealing ring using imported accessories, make host is more stable and safety in production.Unique design of vibration under the raw material of brick is more compact, suppress the brick is more high, the quality of the add on vacuum, making brick drainage more smoothly in the pressing process.On the perfect combination of vibration under vacuum, making bricks and on a class.
【2】 CW-12 rolling type concrete roof tile production line is composed by:
1、 Elevator   2、 Mixer 3、 Automatic Feeder  4、Pre-vibration Machine 5、Hydraulic Electrical Cabinets 6、Forming Main Engine
【3】Technical parameters:

CW - 12 roller roof  tile machine Technical parameters

Tile Size 420 × 330mm (GB size)
Operating Voltage 380 v
total power 15KW
Single-class production 3000-4000 piece
Shaping modes extrusion forming
Productivity 12 piece/ min
Operating mode Automatic, Manual
Spraying methods Automatic, Manual

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