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MSJ3040 Terrazzo tile polishing machine

MSJ3040 Terrazzo tile polishing machine

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Our factory technical personnel through technical research, developed The latest terrazzo tile polishing machine - MSJ3040, The equipment production efficiency is high, fully automated operation, The " PCL " program controlled by microcomputer, is a collection of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, computer automatic control integration of advanced equipment.

Introduction of The latest terrazzo tile polishing machine-MSJ3040:

1. It is mainly used for grinding tiles, polishing tiles and fixing thickness. Coarse-, medium- and fine- grind and polish can be finished automatically at one time.

2. Advanced design, fine structure, high quality, simple operation and easy maintenance .Only needing one operator.

3. High production efficiency: Non-stop production with the maximum daily yield of 350 square meters tiles and the monthly production capacity of more than 10, 000m2

4. No pollution, no dust. Working under the closed state-wide

Technical Information of the latest terrazzo floor tile making machine-MSJ3040: 

Model MSJ-3040
 Oil pump power 4kw 
Total Grinding wheel head 11.8kw
No. of grinding wheel head  5
Size of products 300mm, 400mm
Capacity  200㎡-350㎡/ 8h
 Dimension 2000* 1750mm
 Weight of Machine  2600kg


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